Quality and precision. Standards we live by.

Diligence, zealousness and reliability have a long-standing tradition in the homeland of precision engineering and of the former resident watch-making industry. They have a vivid impact on our thinking and acting still today. Quality is deeply ingrained in the working ethos of the entire team. Achieving and maintaining quality management systems in accordance with ISO 9001, KTA 1401, ATEX 94/9/EC as well as product certifications are the logical consequence of this philosophy.


Our basis for success: Qualified and content colleagues

Quality of our services can be measured by the requirements we need to fulfil. Our colleagues transport the know-how within our company. To ensure optimum development of their abilities, we have provided continuous advanced training, and environmentally-sound and pleasant workplaces. The observance of these corporate objectives was confirmed with the audit in accordance with ISO 45001.


Sustainable efficiency - respecting the environment

Efficiency and sustainability of our production processes and products are reflected by the sustainable use of resources. Observance of applicable environmental legislation and standards in accordance with ISO 14001 is deeply enrooted in our company policy as well as the continuous striving for minimum waste.