ES 05 / ES 06

Electric linear actuators for modulating and open-close duty in heating and ventilation engineering as well as in air conditioning technology to operate control valves with low positioning force requirement. Microprocessor control with automatic valve adaptation and functional monitoring (interface monitoring, locking)


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TypeES 05ES 06ES 05ES 06 / ES 45
Positioning force 0.6...1.0 kN 2...4.5 kN 6…1.0 kN 2…4.5 kN
Nominal stroke 35 mm 75 mm 35 mm
75 mm
Running speed

8 mm/min

8...15 mm/min 8 mm/min 8...15 mm/min
Control 3-point-step

Analogue 0…10 V, 0 (4)...20 mA, 3-point-step

Connection voltage

24 V / 115 V / 230 V / 400 V 50/60 Hz, 24 V DC

24 V / 230 V
Automatic adaptation to valve including adjustment of input and output signals.
Control via 3-point step controller or analogue input signals 0…10 V, 0 (4)…20 mA with integral position feedback signal 0…10 V.
Wear-free stroke measurement via Hall sensors.
Blocking detection, cleaning function, antifreeze control, split range operation.
Quick fitting coupling at actuator allows simple connection to valves.
For the ES actuators series, all options have already been integrated in the actuator.