SBA 06 - SBA 200

Electric linear actuators for modulating and open-close duty of control and process technology to operate control valves. The actuators are specially designed for robust industrial use and have a high positioning accuracy for optimum process control.


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TypeSBA 06SBA 12/20/45SBA 80SBA 200
Positioning force 0.6...2.0 kN 2...6 kN 6…15 kN 15…25 kN
Nominal stroke 35 mm 75 mm 80 mm
100 mm
Running speed


Connection voltage 24 V / 115 V / 230 V / 400 V 50/60 Hz, 24 V DC
Load-dependent and limit seating.
Valve protection: Thrust monitoring against excessive force.
Modular design for simple enhancement of functions.
Blocking-resistant motors for short start/stop cycles.
Increased modulating accuracy due to synchronous motor operation.
Contactless travel measurement increases lifetime as there are no wear parts.
Additional limit switches/gold-contacts as an option
TÜV certified fail-safe position feedback signal for burner controls
Heater with thermoswitch against moisture within the actuator
Electronic position transmitter ESR 100, output 0…10 V / 0 (4)…20 mA
Electronic position regulator PEL 100, input 0…10 V / 0 (4)…20 mA
Profibus module PBD 100
Local control unit VSE
Compact connector KS1